The branch office of MoD ArmCom Communication-Technical Co. Ltd is located 26 kms from Budapest in Gödöllő, in an inviting environment alongside the M3 Highway.

The history of the company’s legal predecessors dates back to 1946. Known as the Honvéd Signal Arsenal, it was assigned to supply the army with signal equipment and material and to repair the same.

From 1960 the company was called Central Signal Equipment Repair Shop and having a staff of 100 people.

The business carried out a steadily growing technical development and manufacturing activity. Renamed Signal Technical Shop in 1974 it was converted to function as a budgetary unit, while its scope of activities had been continuously expanding and satisfying the demands from the civilian sector.

Since 1992 the Company functions as a one-man close corporation fully owned by the government.


2100 Gödöllő, HUNGARY
63/A, Dózsa György street
Telefon: +36 28 422 119,
+36 28 422 120
Fax: +36 28 422 053

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