Strengthen and renewal of HDF Microwave Antenna Towers

Implementation of 3D Radar Site in Medina

Designing, implementation and installation of different level Command Posts and Communication Information Complexes

Maintenance and repair of Jamming Devices against Radio Remote Controlled Explosives

Repair and maintenance of remote controlled Unmanned Air Vehicles (SUAV)

Maintenance and repair of Mobile Thermo-camera based Reconnaissance Systems

Checking and repair of Tempest qualified IT devices

Installation of Universal Digital Radio Communication System into vehicles

Maintenance of Automatic Measuring and Data Acquisition System

Maintenance, repair and checking of Fire Extinguishers and Water Sources

Repair and maintenance of Container Cleaner Machines

Implementation of Auxiliary Protection Against Overvoltage at Radar Site in Békéscsaba-Bánkút

Repair of Airfiled Maintenance Machinery

Renewal of KD-84 Ponton Bridge

Camp Area Lighting Equipment "Tátisz-4"

Air Conditioning of Control Rooms in Kecskemét and Pápa

Infrastructure implementation used for Link-16 Ground Support System

Renewal of Equipment of Szolnok Interactive Aircraft Museum

Mobile Communication and Information Centre ("Desert Fox")

Maintenance of Digital Switch Centre

Repair and maintenance of Analogue Communication Devices


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