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KKB-100 Universal Public Address Equipment

Universal public-address system: PSYOPS

Main parameters:

 100W output

 Operational range: -25 – +75 ºC

 Operation in high dust contaminated area

 It can be fixed to any type of vehicle

 It can be carried and operated by only one person

 Weight: 12,5 kgs

 Military ruggedised implementation

 Microphone and many other possibilities for connection

 Self-control unit with LCD display

ATT-24V/40A Battery Charger and Power Supply Unit

Camp Area Lighting Equipment "TATISZ-4"PDF Download

The "TATISZ-4" Area Lighting Equipment is recommended to use in terrain where the working area should be illuminated, but lack of electricity, for example flood, exercises at night, work at night, etc. The equipment is mounted on a towed trailer with run-on brakes. Four high-performance lights are fixed on top of a ten metres high pneumatic mast, adjustable to different lighting angles as required. The mast consists of seven parts, which are lifted by a compressor. The trailer is equipped with its own power supply, so can work independently from surrounding environment. The trailer has been equipped with all the fittings, supplementary devices and parts that assure its safe towing on public roads, assembling, operating and disassembling.

Implementation of Communication and Information Centre (CIS) within "C2" Capability

Designing and installation of  different type, mobile and stable command posts, and related signal complexes and signal centre units in order to create the C2 (Command & Control) ability of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces’ (HHDF) fighting vehicles. Repair, renewal and installation into CIS complexes of „National Strictly Confidential” and „NATO and EU Secret” INFOSEC devices.

Balloon Surveillance and Reconnaissance System

The „AEROSTAT” system is a small, mobile, easy-to-deploy information and multifunctional support system, carried by a balloon, and it is able to perform long- and middle range security tasks. The platform can be lifted up to carry different type of cameras (daylight and infrared cameras), measuring devices etc., which allow different purpose utility.

Battery Voltage Monitor

The monitor has been designed to display exactly and digitally the vehicle’s voltage value of the batteries, and to give acoustical and visual warning in case of low voltage. The flashing display and the intermittent sound cautions for the low voltage in case of the voltage is 23,1V or lower. The appliance has been built into a water-proof steel box providing ECM shielding. The box can be fastened to the vehicle by shock-absorvers.

BTR-80 "SKJ" System


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